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(Looking to buy CASH? Call us and ask for a special cash price, we'll give you a great deal off the sticker price!)

It's very easy to get financed with us at JB Auto Sales. We'll break it down in a  few easy steps below.

01 Choose a vehicle and Discuss Financing Terms
Feel free to test drive any vehicle you like and discuss financing terms with us, what you'd like your downpayment and payment plan to be like, and we'll do our best to accomadate it.

02   Fill Out Application
We have a simple application here that all customers fill out. It requires a Valid ID or Driver's License, (we also accept Mexican Passports), Addresses, Phone Numbers, References..the basics. After this your approved. NO CREDIT CHECK NECCESSARY.

03 Contract and Downpayment 
Our down payemnts range anywhere from about a $1,000 to $3,000 depending on the vehicle, but sometimes we'll have specials and can start at a lower downpayment, so check back with us regularly. We'll take the agreed upon downpayment  and then draw up the contract according to the terms we discuss and everything will be explained in detail and you'll sign the contract.


04  Insurance

We require full coverage insurance for the duration of the contract. We also offer a CPI (Collateral Protection Insurance) program, in the event that full coverage is too expensive. CPI is a $130 flat rate fee with your monthly payment regardless of age, driving history, etc, which will cover any damage on the vehicle. CPI doesn't fulfill the state's liability requirement but it does fulfill our insurance requirement.

05  Taxes (TTL)

Taxes must be paid either with the downpayment or no later than two weeks from the purchase date. Once taxes are paid we can get the vehicle registered and get you your metal plates.


06 Payments

Payments begin one month from the purchase date and continue every month until payed in full. On average our payments run from $250-$300 per month for 2-3 years. Payments already include interest, but you can always payoff sooner or give bigger payments towards principle and save on interest, with no penalties.

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